Long Term Stay Hotels vs. Corporate Housing

Long term stay hotels offers companies the opportunity to give their employees top notch accommodation without the hassle and without the expense. If ...


Long term stay hotels offers companies the opportunity to give their employees top notch accommodation without the hassle and without the expense. If you have staff that need to work in alternative locations for extended periods of time, then the cost of a hotel can be far too much. This is where extended stay hotels came to play. Today, the concept has really taken on a life of its own and with all the major hotel chains offering custom built long term stay hotels there is a lot of choice and variety. The Hilton Homewood Suites, The Marriott’s Residence Inn and the Intercontinental’s Staybridge Suites are some of the very best.

Although extended stay hotels are a lot cheaper than normal hotel rates, its can stil be too expensive for many businesses. Apart from that, there are certain issues that lead to corporate housing becoming a viable option. Corporate housing is usually apartments that are either owned by the company or part of a private operation that caters specifically to businesses. Both the hotels and the corporate apartments offer a viable solution, but what’s best for you really depends on your needs.

One of the major difference comes down to comfort. Long term stay hotels are usually in very good locations and cater specifically to business people who need easy access to city centres (usually). Corporate housing is usually not that well located and the additional hassle of traveling may be an issue. An apartment or a house has the great advantage that it feels much more like a home and staff who needs to live away for extended periods of time might prefer this. Although long term stay hotels are trying hard to be as homely as possible, its still has that hotel feel that can get very depressing.

The fact that hotels have an all inclusive service really makes life a lot easier on its residents. With corporate housing there is no room service, no cleaner and many amenities like a laundry can be an issue. Apartments are much more hands-on while the extended stay hotel really has all the benefits of a hotel.

There are a lot of options however. Its a competitive space for hotel chains and they are continuously introducing new facilities to try and woo over corporate clients. Many of these “hotel rooms” look and feel like apartments but it usually comes at a price. The good thing is that its only available to corporate clients and there can be a lot of benefit in signing contracts with a particular hotel if you have a lot of staff making use of long stay hotels and who needs extended accommodation.

While some companies and businesses run their own corporate apartments, it can really take a lot of time and effort to maintain and service these apartments. A long term stay hotel is the easy solution and ideal for corporate staff needing somewhere to stay between a week and 6 months. Anything more than that i would recommend you look into short lease furnished apartments.

Long Term Hotels


Long term hotels gives you the opportunity to have all the benefits of a hotel – without the heavy price tag. If a business trip takes you or a member of your staff away from home for an extended period of time then a standard hotel room can get very expensive. Extended stay hotels caters to the needs of business travelers – both in terms of price and comfort. A hotel room can get very cramped after two weeks and if you have to pay $150 a night it really does not add up.

Long term hotels are often only available to corporate clients and most hotel chains do the majority of their business by signing long term contracts with certain businesses. At the upper end of the market with the Hilton’s and the Marriott’s you will need a corporate account to get a decent rate. Its open to the public on a weekly rate but its much more expensive than it is for corporate customers.

A standard long term hotel room is about the size of a 1 bedroom apartment and most now have small kitchens with a living room and the focus is on making it feel as much as a home as possible. The furniture is much more “homely” than “hotel” and the idea is that you should be able to entertain some guests. An important consideration is that many corporate travellers will either have family visiting or have them stay in for weekends. Its important that you find accommodation that can cater to individual needs.

At the middle and lower end of the market with long stay hotels like ExtendedStay America, Comfort Inn and Intown Suites there is usually a lot less luxuries, but the basic amenities will still be there. the real benefit of a hotel is still that all the services are there. Daily house keepers, an in-house kitchen/restaurant, laundry services and all those things that a business traveller can’t be bothered with when they are there on business.

Long stay hotels really brings the best of two world together. It has the look and feel of a “home always from home” and all the luxuries and amenities of a hotel. Being away from home for extended periods of time can be hard on anyone and making their stay as comfortable as possible is really important. If your business caters for a lot of traveling staff, then its well worth looking into corporate accounts. It will get you better value for money.

Long Term HotelsBookings for long stay hotels is a real issue. You need to book well in advance since most people stay for longer periods of time. Once again corporate clients will booking privileges and most of the bigger hotel chains have hotels in all the best sports in all the major cities. It can also have huge advantages if you have staff traveling internationally as these bigger chains have suites available in all the major cities all over the world.

Weekly Rate Hotels


Are you looking for weekly rate hotels either for an extended holiday or for a business trip? While a standard hotel can get very expensive paying the daily rate, an extended stay hotel allows you to get a room at a much cheaper rate. The difference is that you have to commit for a longer stay to qualify for a weekly rate. Long stay hotels that cater specifically for this need allows you to rent a room that is much more like an “apartment” than a hotel room, but it still has all the conveniences of a hotel.

Weekly Rate HotelsThe problem is that not everyone can qualify for a weekly rate. Businesses that sign long term contracts with these extended stay hotels can rent and use rooms on a weekly basis and if they have a good turnaround then it can be a very flexible solution. For smaller businesses and for individuals that are looking for a weekly rate hotel, will have to commit for a longer stay to qualify for a weekly rate. This is different for all hotels, but some of the budget long stay’s actually allow you to rent a room on a weekly basis. Obviously the longer you stay the more affordable it gets.

Weighing up the cost of a long stay hotel against that of renting a corporate apartment is something that is well worth looking into. Weekly rate hotels tends to benefit those who have contracts with them or for businesses that have staff staying for extended periods of time. Corporate apartments are necessarily cheaper but there is a lot more flexibility, a lot more choice and quite possibly a lot bigger. Many people hate the look and feel of a hotel and actually prefer an apartment to a hotel.

Many corporate apartments actually have all the luxuries and amenities of a hotel but the fact that it really is an apartment can make all the difference for someone who needs a home away from home. Long stay hotels are going out of their way to make it look and feel less like a hotel, but you can never get away from the hotel environment that it creates.

So, if you are looking for weekly rate hotels, why not compare it to corporate or serviced apartments. Here are a few things you need to look out for:

1. Location – apartments tends to be outside of city centres and not always as good a location as long term stay hotels.

2. Price – make sure you check the prices over the full period you will need the accommodation for as the duration of your stay can make a big difference.

3. Space and amenities – make sure you get a good idea of the size and the services available.

4. Cancellation – if you plan on taking a place for an extended period of time, make sure that you can get out without any serious penalty fees – just in case your situation changes midway through.

5. Special discounts – its always worth asking about special discounts and if you are working for a large company then you will probably be entitled to corporate discounts. If you have a membership with any hotel group then its well worth checking what options they have available for you.

Long Term Stay Hotel


Are you looking for a long term stay hotel? With corporate housing there are actually a lot of options available to you these days and while a long term hotel can be a economic solution, its not necessarily the best one. With luxury long stay’s like The Marriott’s Residence Inn it really has the best of both world’s, but in the mid and lower range of the market it can become a bit depressing if you or any of your workers has to stay there for extended periods of time.

Long Term Stay HotelIts never easy for anyone to be away from home for that long. You need to make your stay as comfortable and as homely as possible. While many long stay hotels make a great effort to do this, its not always as good a solution as opting for a serviced apartment or even opting for investing in your own apartments.

If you are a business and you have a lot of staff traveling to a specific destination, then it can be well worth it to actually invest in an apartment(s).  Not only will you save a fortune hotel costs, you will have a good investment that might actually make you money. Although there are a lot of logistics involved in furnishing the apartment and maintaining it, it really is well worth the time and effort. Off course that only applies in certain circumstances and if that does not apply to you then you can look into renting apartments that are specifically designed for traveling business people.

Corporate apartments come in many shapes and sizes and caters from the ultra budget conscious to the uppermost end of the spectrum with “5 star apartments” for your most important business clients. Apartments are much more spacious and really is a home away from home. Most avid business traveler prefer this simply because they are so fed up with hotels.

A long term stay hotel does have some great advantages though. Firstly, if you have to put up clients it really is the best solution as its quick, easy and hassle free. If you have a contract with any hotel then it can save you a lot of money. One of the great advantages of a long stay hotel is that they are usually in some of the best locations and serviced apartments are often not in the most ideal locations. In the end it all boils down to your own individual needs and assessing what will be most convenient and most economical for your needs.